At KapStone, we believe that keeping a competitive edge means maintaining open communication with our suppliers. We understand the importance of providing our supply base with the necessary tools to become “self-served” when accessing information, becoming a supplier, tracking orders and understanding performance objectives.

We encourage small businesses that provide quality and competitive products and services to compete for KapStone procurement opportunities. Additional information is provided below in the FAQ.

We work with our suppliers toward one common goal, and we hope the information contained on this website can provide everything you need as a KapStone supplier.

Maintaining safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information can often be a strain on resources.  Our partner, ISNetworld, streamlines these processes, saving time and improving safety standards.  To connect to ISNetworld, please open this link:  ISNetworld

Suppliers FAQ

How can I become an approved general supplier to KapStone?

Click on the link below or click Online Supplier Questionnaire to complete the form necessary to be considered as a supplier to KapStone Paper and Packaging.  Clicking “submit” at the end of the form will route the form for review.  If you experience problems when attempting to submit the form, please email:

What does KapStone expect from suppliers?

Quality of products and services: The products produced for and services provided to KapStone must be of the highest quality so that we can maintain our reputation for excellence.

Delivery: You must ensure on-time shipment and delivery of any and all items to KapStone locations at all times.

Financial Stability: You must have adequate financial resources to produce and deliver any agreed-upon products or services to KapStone when awarded business.

What criteria do you use when selecting a supplier?

The criteria we use to select suppliers and associated products and services may vary depending on the nature of the commodity being sourced, the size of the project, quality requirements, etc. All sourcing will be conducted in a competitive manner, so a potential supplier should always provide the best overall solution to KapStone. Generally, business will be awarded based on the value of your solution for KapStone.

Does KapStone have any interest in having small businesses as suppliers?

Yes. KapStone currently has a number of small businesses in its supplier base and encourages small businesses to compete to become suppliers to KapStone. Additional information is provided below and at>>.

What are other actions or next steps I can take to be more proactive?

There are several steps that suppliers can take to be more proactive. We encourage you to research KapStone. By visiting other pages on this site, you can learn about our products and have a better understanding of our sourcing priorities. With comprehensive information about our business needs, you can target those opportunities that are best suited to your company, by your specialties, core competencies and/or geographic locations.

Must I have a written health and safety policy?

Yes, if you have five or more employees. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Section 2(3) requires that suppliers who employ five or more people have a written statement of their health and safety policy. If you have fewer than five employees, you do not need a written statement. However, you must be able to prove your commitment to health and safety and show an understanding of the legislation as it applies to your business.

I have emailed/faxed my application to become a supplier. When will I receive a reply?

A response from KapStone Procurement is usually dependent on our current sourcing priorities. Many projects are concurrently in process. As projects are completed, we look for new sourcing opportunities to bring value to KapStone.

How can I become an approved transportation/logistics supplier to KapStone?

All KapStone core carriers, whether dedicated or point-to-point service, are selected through an RFP process. The RFP process for inbound and outbound freight will be done on an as needed basis. KapStone utilizes only asset-based carriers who are willing to sign and adhere to our Master Transportation Agreement, attachments and addendums, the KapStone fuel surcharge program and hostling program, and can adhere to other business systems used by KapStone. To receive additional information, please contact a Strategic Transportation Manager. Western U.S. – Craig Fletcher at Eastern U.S. – Elizabeth Evans at

I have a favorite carrier that I do business with. Can I continue to use “John Doe Trucking” when shipping to KapStone?

KapStone takes responsibility for freight charges for material shipped to our locations and customers. Therefore, we reserve the right to identify the carriers that are authorized for these shipments. If a supplier chooses to select a carrier other than those identified in our routing instructions (see routing instructions), that supplier will be considered non-compliant and will be responsible for payment of freight charges.

What are KapStone’s transportation requirements for shipments?

STANDARD CARRIER/FREIGHT TERMS:  FOB Shipping Point, Freight Collect


  • If total shipment weight is less than 150 pounds – ship via UPS or FEDEX Ground
  • Shipments over 9,999 pounds, or over 10 feet in length-please email or call 360-442-7784 regarding all movements to or from KapStone operations west of the Rockies.
  • Shipments over 9,999 pounds, or over 10 feet in length-please email or call 843-745-3328 regarding all movements to or from KapStone operations in Charleston, SC; Summerville, SC; Cowpens, SC or Roanoke Rapids, NC.
  • For all other shipments, please email or call 877-450-4691

When working on a KapStone property, what special instructions do I need to follow?

All “guests” on a KapStone property must sign in at the security gate or reception desk, depending on location, and have all appropriate safety gear. This includes, but is not limited to, high-visibility safety vests and safety glasses or goggles. Hard hats and safety head fasteners may also be required to be worn on our premises. This equipment must be worn at all times on KapStone property unless inside an office building or vehicle.

All contractors performing work on a KapStone site must attend and pass a mandatory safety training module. This is an absolute requirement with zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance.

As an existing supplier to KapStone, how do I find out more information on KapStone’s invoice requirements?

KapStone values its supplier relationships, and therefore recognizes the necessity for accurate and timely payment for goods and services as agreed upon. To find detailed information on invoice requirements, you should refer to the contract that may be in place between our companies, or review the latest purchase order issued to your company from KapStone. Both documents contain detailed invoicing information.  You may click here to see current invoicing requirements.

Can we use KapStone images or its logo in our materials?

Suppliers may not publicize anything about KapStone or its affiliates, including KapStone’s name, logo, order information, etc., or even cite the existence of an agreement or order from KapStone, without KapStone’s express, written permission.