Performance Containerboard

Product Line

  • Ultra Performance Containerboard
  • High Compression Containerboard

Build a better box with lighter, stronger paper.

As a dedicated supplier to corrugated box manufacturers across North America, KapStone has pioneered the development of Ultra Performance Containerboard grades that take efficiency and savings to a new level. Our Ultra Performance Linerboard grades are lighter and stronger than standard kraft and high compression linerboard delivering up to 25% greater strength per pound. This allows our customers to reduce their overall packaging weight without sacrificing strength and performance.

And the savings stack up. Both packaging converters and end users can meet supply chain and sustainability objectives through significant packaging weight reductions, environmental impact savings and raw material optimization.


  • Up to 25% increase in strength per pound performance
  • Top tier strength, performance and printability
  • Flexible selection of grades and basis weights
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Multiple forestry certifications

Product Line

  • Ultra Performance Linerboard (UPL)

Today’s supply chain demands robust packaging. As the top tier performer, KapStone’s UPL sets the industry standard for packaging optimization across the full linerboard basis weight spectrum. UPL is suitable for use with both standard and high performance corrugating medium.

  • Up to 25% greater strength per pound than standard kraft liner
  • Meet critical ECT targets
  • Increase MSF yield per ton
  • Full range of basis weights

For packaging applications that require stacking strength in addition to burst resistance, KapStone’s line of High Compression Liners and Performance Mediums are regarded across the industry for their consistent and reliable performance both during converting and through to the end user.

Produced using clean, high quality, virgin and recycled fibers, our high compression grades deliver up to 15% greater strength per pound than standard kraft liner. This provides opportunity for box weight reduction while maintaining excellent box compression strength, printability and appearance.

  • Mid-range of basis weight offerings
  • Meet critical ECT targets
  • Lower packaging weight over standard liner

Product Line

  • High Compression Liner
  • High Performance Medium

Shipping and distribution in today’s market requires packaging that delivers stacking strength performance critical to ensuring your products stay protected. KapStone’s High Compression Linerboard is an industry standard grade produced using robust manufacturing controls that are focused on developing paper properties targeted on delivering Edge Crush Test (ECT) performance for stacking strength.

  • Up to 15% greater strength per pound than standard kraft liner
  • Clean, low variability sheet with dependable ECT performance

The ideal companion for use with Ultra Performance Linerboard (UPL) or High Compression Liner, KapStone’s High Performance Medium delivers increased performance compared to standard semi-chem grades. Our High Performance Medium grades are produced using high quality virgin and recycled fibers that give converters a dependable sheet and reliable corrugator performance.

  • Enhances ECT performance of finished boxes
  • Consistent sheet with reliable corrugator performance


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