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There is value in aligning with an e-commerce packaging partner, not just a packaging supplier.

When time is money, poor service can cost you both. In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, you deserve a corrugated packaging partner who understands your unique challenges and proactively works to be a part of your success.

If you need a partner who not only keeps up but also looks ahead, we should talk!

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Product Line

  • Space Constraints
  • Need For Speed
  • Growing Pains
Are you dreaming of wide open spaces? Having a hard time flexing for seasonality? Let us help you find the space you’ve had all along.

Product Line

  • Fulfillment
  • Pick and Pack Optimization
Problem:  Fulfillment filling up too much of your time and space.

Solution:  Our North American distribution division offers turnkey solutions that let you focus on your core competencies, while we seamlessly and transparently handle all fulfillment of packaging services, such as order processing, inventory management, product packaging and other distribution requirements.
Problem:  Pick and pack operations cause delays in product availability.

Solution:  Our e-commerce packaging experts specialize in packaging operation optimization. By studying your current operational traffic and applying both best practices and creative solutions, we can help you organize and automate your area for optimal flow and space utilization.
Fast-moving goods require a fast-acting corrugated supplier. Customers now expect “instant product availability,” but you can’t win if you’re being dragged down by slow-moving suppliers. Choosing a partner that values speed and agility can help you meet your customers’ increasing demands.

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Product Line

  • Customer Portal
  • Service
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Design
Problem:  Need for flexibility in order placement.

Solution:  For companies that live in the now, KapStone’s customer portal can streamline communication and make it easy to place an order, track your shipment, view your history and create reports.

Problem:  Multiple distribution and fulfillment centers.

Solution:  KapStone’s nationwide footprint means that no matter where you are, or where you are growing, you can expect local and responsive service.

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Problem:  New, hot ticket item.

Solution:  With internal design centers and e-commerce packaging specialists across the country, KapStone can quickly design, print, cut and test new packaging, giving you a jump on the competition.

Problem:  You want assurance that your packaging will perform in the field.

Solution:  KapStone’s in-house testing can help you verify packaging performance quickly. No need to involve an outside testing facility and wait in line for them to get to you. Whether it’s our box, or someone else’s, we can test it for deficiencies and recommend solutions if needed.

Problem:  Confusion surrounding substrates, die-cuts, flute changes and board construction.

Solution:  At KapStone we have enough passion for creating beautiful and functional corrugated packaging for the both of us. Our brilliant and talented in-house designers are box nerds. We can recommend the best packaging for your needs and spare you the lingo.

Is your explosive growth causing you pain and keeping you up at night? Only someone that’s “been there, done that” will understand the true challenges of successfully managing growth.

Our packaging expertise can give you a leg up by identifying pit falls and traps that will mostly likely accompany your e-commerce business expansion. We get it!

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Product Line

  • National Accounts
  • The KapStone Survey
Problem: Expanding into new markets.

Solution: We have a strategic sales team that is experienced with both large and small multi-location companies who are dealing with fast growth. Our team can facilitate cross-plant relationships with a single point-of-contact to streamline your business. For more information on our national account team, please click here.
Problem: Finding new ways to be more competitive.

Solution:  The KapStone Survey team is here to assist companies in taking cost out of their packaging programs. KapStone offers solutions to the challenges of omni-channel, light-weighting, right-sizing and dim-weight freight costs. KapStone will review all aspects of your packaging operation from start to finish and provide recommendations for cost reductions throughout your entire supply chain.