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Is your brand popping off your e-commerce packaging?

With fewer opportunities to engage and create experiences with your customers in the e-commerce space, brand recognition is a critical part of your success. Make certain your packaging is a brand ambassador and is creating the impression that you want! KapStone has a Merchandizing and Graphics Solutions team to help brand your products and enhance the experience for your customers.

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Graphics and print can help improve your e-commerce business!

Product Line

  • Brand Awareness
  • New Product Intro
  • Image Quality
  • Small Quantities
KapStone can create higher visibility, awareness and differentiation of your key brands to reach broader markets and your target demographics.

Product Line

  • Brand Pop
  • Corrugated Communicates
  • Photography
Problem: Your brand image doesn’t “pop” off the packaging.

Solution: KapStone consults with you to create the visibility, awareness and differentiation for your brands with print technology that helps drive your message and get you noticed!
Problem: Your packaging isn’t conveying your brand messaging.

Solution: We design packaging that communicates the detail you are looking for with color and coverage that uses the entire package surface to drive your message, your brand and your business. Whether the box is printed on the outside, inside or both, KapStone has the print capabilities to communicate your message.
Problem: You want to utilize high-quality images on your packaging.

Solution: KapStone offers many types of printing techniques, including digital, lithographic and flexographic technologies. We will match your printing needs with the substrates necessary to drive branding and messaging.
Problem: Product introduction takes too long.

Solution: KapStone understands speed-to-market. With packaging designers on staff, KapStone works on your timeline to speed your products to consumers. We closely coordinate print checks, review and final signoff to expedite the process.

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Problem: Image quality on your packaging is inconsistent.

Solution: KapStone works with you to manage the consistency of image quality on your packaging, which is critical to elevate both brand awareness and fit within your family of products. Penetrate your market with consistent quality images that differentiate you from the competition.  
Problem: Small order quantities.

Solution: KapStone’s printing capabilities can address various order sizes, including batching orders. Smaller order quantities can also be managed through our North American distribution network.