E-Commerce Packaging Designed To Protect

Is product damage impacting your brand?

7-10% of all e-commerce purchases arrive to consumers with some damage and the cost of replacing a damaged product can be 17 times higher than the original cost of the product, packaging and shipping. The true cost of damage to e-commerce products is estimated to be about $6B annually in the U.S. alone.

With stakes this high, it is essential to know that you have the right packaging.  While no packaging product can ensure against the potential for damage in transit, working with the right packaging supplier can reduce the risk.  Our specialists are not just packaging experts; they are e-commerce packaging experts.

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Does your e-commerce company need a solution to the following challenges?

Product Line

  • Transit Damage
  • Void
  • Headspace
  • Knife Cuts
  • Porch Pirates
  • Returns
E-commerce packaging is handled four times as much as traditional retail packages, which is why performance is increasingly important.  Is your package living up to its purpose to address these common challenges?

Product Line

  • Squeeze
  • Drop
  • Last Mile
Problem:  Small package deliveries getting the squeeze.

Solution: A change in structure or in flute may help.  Alternatives, like B flute, can provide superior flat crush and resistance to abuse which better enables your product to survive its trip in transit.  KapStone has a team of more than 75 experienced packaging engineers that can address each customer’s unique e-commerce structural design challenges.

HSC or Telescoping
Problem:  Courier dropping the ball on your packages.

Solution:  Find a better packaging structure for your product to increase the odds that even a dropped package will protect its contents.  KapStone designs packaging that provides horizontal and vertical strength, while reducing sidewall crush. Specific structures can add additional protection.  Our designers are experts at developing boxes to address the unexpected hiccups that your precious cargo will endure during the trip.

IPF with air cell ends
Problem:   Package not holding up to the last leg of delivery.

Solution:  We’ve devised a set of e-commerce specific tests that our internal testing facilities conduct to assist in determining if your packaging solution will do its job – and protect your products and customer relationships.

Problem:  Customers complain about excessive/eco-unfriendly void fill.

Solution: KapStone develops sustainable and 100% recyclable solutions that eliminate the need for additional interior packaging which may also reduce risk of damage from products from jostling, vibration and movement during transit.

Problem:  Different size products leave excess space in the top of the box.

Solution:  Headspace, also known as airspace, can be eliminated by engineering the package to allow for variable depth scoring, providing the perfect fit for your product. Additionally, automated case packing equipment solutions can provide a variety of size adjusting structures.

Problem:  Product damage caused by customers opening packages with knives.

Solution:  Many package designs offer more protection through added internal structure, alternative flutes with additional wall caliper and tear tapes for easy opening. These solutions ensure your product is protected and your customers are satisfied.

tear top
Problem:  Porch Pirates preventing successful product delivery.

Solution:  We have solutions, tamper evident packaging, special substrates and unique structures that help guard against package tampering and theft.

FEFCO 416 b
Problem:  Not exactly what the customer had in mind. Return needed?

Solution:  Protect your consumer-friendly reputation and win repeat business by shipping products in re-usable and returnable packaging.

Roll End Tuck Front